When you click the BOOK NOW button, you will be directed to choose the service you want, ie; Houses, Units, etc. From there, you can choose a date that works on the calendar. 


You will be asked to fill in your details: Full Name, Mobile or Home Phone Number, Email Address, plus your Address and Postcode. We record these for your booking and do not pass the information on to anyone, your booking will then be pencilled in, until we confirm a price and the date is still available.


Once we talk to you, we will either come and visit your property, or we may ask for some photos to be texted to our number, showing the windows and doors you would like cleaned. (Please note: The more photos you send us, the easier it is for us to give you a more accurate price. Please include anything hard to get to or swimming pool railings, etc.)


Price depends on size: 1, 2 or 3 bedroom apartment. The interior of units and balcony areas are usually owner's responsibility. All exterior side windows are normally looked after by strata or body corporate.


Book online for your property choice, pricing and calendar.


We wash your windows with our Pure Water Fed System, which has fantastic results. The exterior windows are washed with our Pure Water Fed System and interiors windows with window blades. 


Book online for your property choice, pricing and calendar.




shops & cafes

Shops and cafes pricing depends on size. Normally, cafes windows need the exterior and interior washing every two weeks. Shops may need the exterior windows washed once a month and occasionally the interior windows.  

Please text or email any photos you can for a quote.

commercial buildings

For all commercial businesses we use the Pure Water Fed System for the exterior, which can be done after business hours. No internal access needed. Most exteriors are cleaned either every three or six months or once a year, depending on what you would like. 

Please email or text if you would like a quote.



For strata, we clean all exterior windows up to four storeys high; it includes exterior of windows only, and both sides of main doors. We do not clean balconies, as this is the tenant’s obligation. We use the Pure Water Fed System.

Please email or text if you would like a quote.


power washing

We offer soft wash house washing, using a low pressure soft wash water blaster, which it isn’t too harsh on your property. This is a brilliant way to keep your house looking fresh with all the dust in Sydney. When dust sits on your windowsills, it breaks down the paint system just as the paint on a car looses its shine if you don’t wash it for six months. If you need driveways or footpaths cleaned because of mould, we use a heavy duty water blaster. Please note: We do not include window cleaning in this price.

Please text or email any photos you for a quote.


solar panel

Because of all the construction work in Sydney, solar panels can get dirty, or even mouldy. Cleaning the solar panels not only means more energy, but more power back to the grid. Therefore, you receive more of a refund, so it is definitely worth cleaning them.

Please text or email any photos you can for a quote.